The game follows the life of Dr. Daniels, a virologist who is balancing work, parenting, homeschool and a lack of toilet paper in a world of self-isolation and lockdown.

Explore the rooms of her house during lockdown, interact with her family and solve puzzles to get everything ready before she presents her research to the rest of her team in a 15-way Zoom meeting.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
AuthorTall Story Games
TagsComedy, Point & Click


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is there a way to get rid of items ur holding T-T

how do you wash the rabbit? I tried to sanitize it, wash it in the sink, wash it with washing liquid, pick up a bar of soap, but nothing is working. I can't use the spray I made either


Hmm, that should work. From memory, I think you need to use it with the sink first, then spray it second. Let me know if that works for you 😊

It did, thank you :)

Where do I find the eggs? I thought they'd be under the chicken but I can't open the oven so idk.


Nice idea.
Maybe try looking outside :)

how do I enter other rooms?

You should just be able to click on the doorways. 😊

every time I try the game the furthest I can go it the hallway by the front door then it just doesn't let me go anywhere and one time I couldn't even leave the go room

Oh no, that sounds rubbish!
What browser are you using?

ik!!! im using safari

Weird, it works fine for me in Safari. Are you on a desktop or a mobile device?

Just wondering if there’s any errors appearing in the browser console that might help diagnose the issue.


DUDE so I've been working at completing this game for literal MONTHS and it's just so detailed and amazing, but I can not thank you enough for posting the 'Are you stuck' link, your a lifesaver. Again, your games are amazing <33 


That’s so nice to hear, thank you so much! 🥰

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How do I get the milk from the baby and how do I get the dog to move?

You might find this helpful 😊

Hello, so I've done every puzzle except for the Sorting out your hair one. I don't understand it at all it says there's a book in the kitchen to help me but I don't seem to find one. 

It’s on the right hand side near the coffee machine 😊

Sorry, this was one of my first games so the sprite might be a bit small.

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So cool ! I loved the retro vibe and the silliness of the puzzles ! It perfectly captured the absurdity of the lockdown life ! (Also I only got stuck once)

I'm stuck at the garden and can't go back.

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Thanks for letting , me know! The height setting of the game was hiding a lot of the garden path.

If you refresh it now and reload your game you should be able to see more of the path to click on to go back into the house.